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AB Entertainment

AB Entertainment is headed by Anand Bhatt with Nighat Ali, and is a company that is surging ahead in indie film and entertainment industry.


AB entertainment is a production house based in Chicago, and is up and coming company for up and coming filmarkers, who has plenty of passion but not enough budget. Ever since the company was established it has been on a steady growth curve in the sphere of video, commercial and film production. AB Entertainments has branched itself into other domains of production as well. 


We are a group of up and coming artists, who invest their time and money into making films for entertainment, with a vision of equality and diversity in all aspects. Creating an equal opportunity for everyone regardless of their race, color or religion. If you enjoy our work, please help us spread the word and support our cause. 

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Anand Bhatt

Nighat Ali

Nighat Ali

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